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About The Book

Intellectual property rights (IPR) are a force for good. People could
harness their power more.

The book describes the UK and global environment in which people can build personal wealth from IP. At its core is the statistic that approximately 70 percent of a firm’s value is in its IP, which is generated by people. Changing the environment would help more people build personal wealth from IPR. That includes a better industrialization environment that delivers national competitive advantage through IPR.

Author William Jones describes the ecosystem within which people generate and exploit IPR, using many examples, snapshots, and observations, as well as structured disciplines. The book takes a look at this ecosystem through the lens of the individual and IPR – and more specifically, the underpinning idea is that people can build their wealth by ensuring that IP works for them. It highlights factors that can influence an individual’s ability to be successful. It suggests new ideas to provide a better platform for building personal wealth.

The book doesn’t fall neatly into any genre of, for example, investment, economics, law, or politics. Rather, it integrates or synthesizes a different position and new genre which exists to one side of these.